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What To Know Before You Go Travelling To Bali

Traveling to Bali offers you with so much fun and great experiences. For you who never have a holiday in this Island of Gods, you had better get some information about Bali travel guide. Therefore, you can prepare for the maximum enjoyment. Here are some things that you should know about Bali.


The weather in Bali is very pleasant. It is warm and sunny. If you visit this island in December until March, you will find high humidity and rains. However, the rains usually fall in the late afternoon or evening. Therefore, you can still enjoy the sun while you are exploring the island in the daylight. If you want to visit it between June to September, you will find no rain in the island. The weather is a bit dry and cool in the evening. Some parts area in Bali receive rains any time of the year. Some other areas are drier and almost always sunny. There are also areas that are colder than any other areas so that you will need to wear sweater in the evening.

Tourist destination

While you are having a vacation in Bali, you can visit various tourist destinations. Some of the famous tourist destinations are:

This beach is perfect for surfing. There are many shopping centers in this area. If you love a great night life, you can have it here. This is the center for lower-end parties.

If you want some place quieter and more upscale, Seminyak beach is the place. There are luxurious resorts, fashionable restaurants, bars, and dance clubs.

This is located in the foothills. You can shop and enjoy arts and dance because it is the art center. There are several museums, craft shops, art shops, and the monkey forest.

Bukit Peninsula
You can visit Uluwatu Temple in this area. It is a cliff-hanging temple that you cannot miss. This is also a center for world class surfing.

There are still so many tourist destinations in this beautiful island. You can also do many entertaining activities such as diving, snorkeling, bird watching, trekking, and many others.

Other things you should know about Bali

The choices of hotels and villas in Bali are abundant. There are small hotels up to five-star hotels and exclusive villas. Some people love to stay in hotels near Nusa Dua. But some other people prefer to stay in great villas in Seminyak. Staying in hotels and villas has its own advantages. Whichever you prefer will surely make your vacation memorable.

The food in Bali is cheap compared to eating in Australian standard. Some menus that you can enjoy in Bali restaurants are Indonesian menus, Asian menus, Mexican menus, and Western menus. Because this is an Island with many fishing villages, you will be able to enjoy delicious seafood menus in this island.

When you visit this island, dont forget to bring insect repellant and bottles of sunscreen cream. You will prone to get mosquito bites in the evening so that you need to apply the repellant. To protect your skin from sun burnt, you must apply the spf 30+ or spf 50+ sunscreen. Check toyota malang batu.

Travel Agencies In Dubai Help In Making Your Visit Safe And Peaceful

Travel Agent is a person who offers specialized services to the tourists and helps them making their travel peaceful and hassle free by taking care of all the travel arrangement they would need during the course of the travel. Not many people realize the importance of hiring an agent and take the responsibility of making arrangements like Car Rental in Dubai, booking hotels, air tickets, and visa processing on their own shoulders. While doing things at your own is a good idea since you are in better control of things you are doing for yourself, it would be a wise idea to hire the services of a specialized travelling agency or an individual agent to do the things on your behalf. These professionals often come in handy to help you save money on your travel tickets and hotel bookings. If you are planning to visit Dubai to spend the holidays with your family, there are plenty of travel agents in Dubai who could help you have a pleasant stay in the city. The benefits of hiring a professional person to make your travel plans are:

The travel companies provide a comprehensive service; they take care of everything right from preparing a travel itinerary to making arrangements for accommodation in the hotels, from arranging automobile rentals to processing of visa. The best thing about the services of the travelling agencies in Dubai is that provide all the services under a single package at an affordable rate. Some of the top travel companies offer a wide range of service packages for you to choose from, you can even opt for a customized package. You simply have to tell the agency executives about your travel plans and personal preferences and the company would help you derive an appropriate itinerary.

Just like any other professionals are passionate about their work, the executives at the travel companies eat, breathe and sleep travel. Not only do the traveling agencies in Dubai send thousands of travelers on tour each year but the executives associated with the company too travel along with the tourists and undertake the different types of travels. The executives associated with top travel companies owning to their vast experience traveling around the country have firsthand knowledge about the various tourist spots. The executive provide advice on the best spots to snorkel, which are the best places to shop, where to eat local cuisines.

The travel executives have a wealth of knowledge about various locations and they also know the tricks of the trade on how to make travelling stress free for the tourists. The travel agents in Dubai keep themselves updated with new knowledge about the places and enlighten the tourists with interesting facts and figures.

The travelling companies usually have a wide network of connections with resorts, cruise and airline companies. By hiring their services you can get the benefit of cheap deals. Also, the travel companies negotiate deals with hotels and resorts outside their network to help you get the best bargain. Typically, the travel agents in Dubai work all year around but they are specially busy during the peak season such as during the DSF, make sure you contact the company well in advance so that the executives can make full arrangements for you so that you can have the best time travelling to Dubai.

Travel Websites for Proper Travel Planning

Global travelers always seek descriptive information about the place they are going to visit. This will not only ensure their safety, but also make their journey more exciting and amazing. Travelers love to go out on trips and worldwide expeditions frequently, often like to read travel reviews, tips, and other place related information online only. This will help to plan a trip in a proper and more formal manner. It will also reduce their travel problems, threats, and hassles. In fact, the best way plan a trip is to browse through the travel websites to absorb as much information as possible.

The travel websites completely guides travelers and provide inclusive guidelines that are very necessary for them. There are certain websites that provide complete checklist for the travelers. Travelers can find flight and hotel booking information through these sites. In fact, there are certain websites that provide traveler reviews and information about the popular places and travel destinations. The most apparent benefit of surfing these online travel guides or websites is that travelers need not to go anywhere else, they receive all the information at a single place.

Nowadays, most of the people prefer browsing through internet in order to get the most worthy and exclusive set of travel tips and information, which is hard to find anywhere else. Indeed, these websites can be opened on the smart phones. The same site can be opened and required information can be obtained through these websites. Most of the sites provide trip calendar for the travelers so that they can plan their trip accordingly. You cannot miss any detail or place to visit if you refer these sites.

On gathering inclusive set of travel information from these sites, you will gain a lot. You can read several descriptions, stories, and get complete knowledge about a place. If you are visiting India, then you can visit many websites offering clear information about the place. You will also come to know about the art, heritage, geographical features, images, and many other things. In addition to that, you can collect as much information as possible before visiting to any place in India. In fact, you can learn about the weather and climate changes, lifestyles, cuisine habitats, and other features.

Apart from all these comprehensive details, travel websites also guides various places of attractions in India. You can access a brief history of the place of attraction, hotel-booking facilities, flight booking facilities, and much more. If you want, you can access a full detail of various hotels and resorts in the place. No doubt, you can make your travel experience as remarkable as possible

Consider a Group Travel Packages to Vietnam

A group travel packages to Vietnam and if happen to its neighboring Indochina destinations such as Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and Thailand is a once in a lifetime travel experience, which means that as a holiday maker you will join a group of likeminded tourist to travel to Vietnam to make sure that they’re able to experience an learn everything the country has to offer. If you’re considering booking a vacation to this exotic destination, it’s best to do a little research to see which type of holiday is right for you. Learn what you can experience on your group tours to make sure you get the most out of your time in Vietnam.

Need a holiday? Consider a Group travel packages to Vietnam

Vietnam is a charming country located in the heart of the Indochina peninsula and one of the must see countries in South-East of Asia bordering with Laos, Cambodia and China in northern peak of the country.

The country is officially called the socialist Republic of Vietnam, the capital city is Hanoi and the best known destination are: Hanoi, Sapa, Hue, Hoi An, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City and Mekong Delta. Tourism has grown in Vietnam and every year millions of tourists visit this beautiful country to get to know and experience its natural beauty, its wonders and its unique culture up-close through either private or group traveling. Basically, the country could be divided into three main regions to consider a plan for a vacation that is considered as a worry free one. Whether your interest is to cruise on a Halong Bay Tours and continue it with a visit to Sapa in order to visit the ethnic minorities in the green mountains, this is an absolute experience that one could expect when holiday to Vietnam. However, the three main regions in Vietnam to consider for your trip planning would be the following in general:

Northern Vietnam

The first step of most of the holiday to Vietnam is Hanoi, the capital city located on the north of Vietnam. The curiosity to discover the city’s tourist attraction is so great, the old quarter with its maze lines of streets, hotels and handicraft shops all are amazing and well located in a beautiful structure as remind any new comers to the French Colonial style houses. The mausoleum of Ho Chi Minh, is the first place that one will visit when in Hanoi, the area in the Ba Dinh Square is covered the Presidential palace as well as the One Pillar Pagoda which takes a few hours of your first visit in Hanoi. The other attractions that fascinated by every travelers is Temple of literature, the first university of Vietnam with a history back to the 1000 years ago, I suggest to group travels to visit the literature temple early in the morning to avoid the rush and crowd.

The bright lights and the magical atmosphere of Halong Bay, will definitely capture your heart and soul, this is the must see for anyone who’s spending a vacation in Vietnam, the group tours will required to charter a cruise as the numbers of cabins in each cruise are limited, the luxury cruises are bigger and have capacity to accommodate up to 50 people in same time. I suggest taking an overnight cruise to which you have chance to experience the Halong Bay on board the magnificent cruise.

Sapa in Vietnam: the mountains of northern Vietnam that is a great territory for hikers, trekking lovers and the nature enthusiasts. The mountainous region of Sapa is consists of a remote region famous for its rice terraces, its breathtaking landscapes, biological diversity and even the Vietnamese ethnic groups that inhabit the mountain region of Sapa for centuries. Here are the Hmong, the Dzao, the Miao, the Lao and the Thai that are living in different regions and hamlets throughout the Sapa region, the tribal people, especially the women wearing very colorful costumes that are richly decorated with silver jewelry. When in sapa, do not miss to visit the Impressive rice terraces, where ethnic groups of Sapa are devoted to rice cultivation with the help of cattle. The best time of year to visit Sapa is in April and May. Why? Because it is the time when it is flourishing vegetation and climatic conditions of Sapa, ensure the ‘absence of fog and rain.

Central Vietnam

Hue and Hoi An along with Da Nang are the highlights of the central regions of Vietnam. A short flight from Hanoi will land you in Da Nang where your group travel packages to Vietnam have an ultimate luxury experience at the beach side luxury resorts. Driving some 30 km will take you to the Hoi An, an ancient port town with its historic monuments surrounded by the series of pristine beaches that makes your stay an enjoyable as it is.

Hue, Once an ancient capital of Vietnam with its Imperial citadel it marked as a center of Vietnam’s history where one could wonder around the ancient citadel to get to know Vietnam through the ancient monument. The cooking class in Hue is very famous and your group will likely to learn how to prepare some of the local foods while in their journey. Most of the Vietnam vacation packages are included a half a day cooking demonstration either in Hue and or in Hoi An.

Southern Vietnam

A popular and very attractive destination that is hard to miss in any holiday, if your group travel to Cambodia then tyou must likely to start your Vietnam side from Ho Chi Minh City. If your combine your group travel to Vietnam with Cambodia then I suggest to start in Siem Reap to explore the Temples of Angkor Wat and then head north of Cambodia to Visit Phnom Penh. I suggest getting to Vietnam with a Mekong River Cruise . This is a very rare opportunity to live on the water for few days while traveling between the Vietnam and Cambodia.

The highlights of Southern Vietnam could be visited in a few day well planned itinerary to start in Ho Chi Minh City to visit the renowned tourist attractions such as war remnant, Ben Thanh Market and the city’s vibrant night life. There are several day trips that could be arranged from Ho Chi Minh City, you can take a two days trip to explore the Mekong Delta regions and visit the Cai Be and Cai rong floating markets, experience a home-stay in southern Vietnam and get a glimpse of what southern Vietnam has to offer.

Exploring Vietnam on a group tours

Group Travel packages to Vietnam is ideal for travelers who want to meet others and get to know them well throughout their holiday. Group tours are typically slightly less expensive than private tours, however that doesn’t mean that travelers will miss out on anything, there is no difference, However, private tours have more flexibility, more freedom and you don’t have to follow a large numbers of strangers each with different point of view, But as we talk about the group tours then you advised to make a research and find out a reputable tour operator that have been in the business for years, this enable them to provide you with the best possible deal, knowledgeable guides who can speak your language so you don’t need to worry about being left unable to communicate in a foreign country.

What Panama City Beach Resorts and Vacation Homes Have For You

A great way to make a vacation memorable is to make it unique. One way of making your vacation different from the rest is making a temporary home out of the vacation rentals in Panama City beach Florida. Florida is the home of the best beaches in the country. While you may normally spend your idle time in regular hotels, try to consider knowing more about these vacation homes for rent.

Most tourist vacation hotspots and beach resorts have vacation homes for rent. These homes have the amenities that most regular hotels provide. Most of these rented homes have room service, therapy and relaxation services, outdoor and indoor gaming areas, and even swimming pools. These homes are equipped with all the necessary comforts you need to guarantee you an enjoyable and relaxing vacation experience.

Enjoying your vacation does not only mean having the best accommodation. This also means stepping out of your rented home and out into the beaches and experience the nightlife that Florida has for you. Imagine if you can get to those places in just a few steps. Panama City beach vacation rentals let you live a few meters away from these tourist destinations, especially the Gulf coast. Being the home of the greatest beaches in the country, Florida beaches have restaurants, shops and relaxation services along the stretch of pure white sand.

You would not just enjoy seeing the wonderful beaches of Florida because Panama resorts provide tourists with many beach activities to make anyone’s vacation completely worthwhile. You may choose from a wide selection of games available atop the beach such as beach volleyball and badminton. You can also try kayaking along the coastlines or, if you prefer travelling it in a more leisurely manner, travel the same area with a banana boat ride.

Beach vacation resorts are not just for tourists. Quiet and serene as they are, beach resorts can also function as venues for team-building activities, seminars and retreats. Beach resorts, with the great number of function halls and amenities they have, also host formal events such as weddings, birthday parties and baptisms.

Remember, a big part of what makes your vacation memorable to you depends on the temporary home you will be living in. Panama City beach resorts have much in store for tourists who want to have a unique vacation experience. State-of-the-art vacation homes, great quality of service and the best beaches, surely you will have the best time of your life.

Keys To Running A Successful Home Based Travel Agency

Running a home based travel agency is much like running any other home based business. You must be organized and focused. Following are more specific things to keep in mind to this type of business to keep it humming along toward success.

3 Keys to Operating a Successful Home Based Travel Agency

Surround Yourself with Right Team: To keep your home based travel agency successful, one of the first things you want to do is employ the right team. This is especially true if you are a sole practitioner. Who is part of this crack team? Ideally, an attorney versed in small business matters, an account or bookkeeper to help you stay on the right side of the IRS, and a business mentor to keep you focused, which you will need from time to time. Every small business owner does.

When you have the right team in place, you free your mind to focus on your core business initiatives, ie, sales and marketing.

Sales and Marketing: No business succeeds without sales. A sale must take place for anything else to happen. If selling is not your forte, then you need to get help ” fast. One of the best things about a home based travel agency, as a business is that if you sign on with the right firm, excellent training in sales and marketing will be part of your package.

Reputable agencies who offer home based travel agency career opportunities usually offer such in-depth marketing training as sample marketing letters, help with web design, how to market via direct mail, how to market online, etc.

Systems and Policies: When you operate a home based travel agency, you are responsible or putting processes and systems in place to keep you organized. Many home based entrepreneurs lose sight of this. If you spend two hours a day hunting down files and information, how much income are you losing by not being organized? For this simple reason, it is critical that you get organized from the beginning so that you can stay on top of maximizing profits.

Enjoying Your Vacations at Hawaii Vacation Homes

A trip to Hawaii is the most enjoyable experiences to your vacation: its memories will stay for years. Choose from Hawaii vacation homes of different types that meet your budget & requirements to enjoy your trip in these islands. Rentals are vacant for cottages, condos, resorts & hotels. You will find an exclusive ambiance, together along with broad views, come with oceanfront vacation homes & cottages. Hotels and vacation homes accommodations varying from deluxe to modest charge are offered for whole year. Beach cottages are cozy and also romantic – best place for those who getting married in islands or else looking for honeymoon. Alluring beauty & exciting adventures are present in vacation homes of Hawaii. You may go in a helicopter venture beside Kauai’s North Shore so that you can approximately touch the three thousand foot Napoli cliffs, rent a kayak & enjoy a relaxing tour under the Wailua River; which is one of Hawaii’s navigable rivers. The stunningly good-looking Waimea Canyon is called as ‘Grand Canyon of Pacific’. The most well known attraction in Oahu is Waikiki beach. This island has sixty nine accessible beaches, nineteen of that are having lifeguards on responsibility. Lanai is a good-looking part of the Hawaii. By meticulous gardens & golf courses it’s an ideal place to base your trip. With many vacation homes choices, there are 2 luxurious resorts that depend on the islands. The Big Island is indeed Hawaii’s biggest and larger than other islands. Their attractions include waterfalls, active volcano, pristine beaches & Kohala Coast for snorkeling, scuba diving or fishing. Island of Maui provides a more number of about 10,000-foot craters, shops, museums & fine restaurants. Islands in the Hawaiian are unique & exquisitely beautiful, enticing tourists to take pleasure in Hawaii. English is spoken all over the island; mainlanders don’t need visa or a passport to trip to the Hawaii. U.S. dollars is the islands’ certified currency & credit cards were accepted everywhere in the city. Hawaii is a popular vacation spot. The landscape and its people can make your vacation as unforgettable. To make your trip as truly memorable one however, you want to stay at the Hawaii vacation homes. It is often difficult to choose where to stay, whatever your budget, the Hawaii vacation homes will gather your needs & make your trip perfect for you as well as for your family.

Your Hawaii vacation homes determination will be not more than little minutes, and frequently just a little second, away from the stunning white sand beaches & the Pacific Ocean. For your group activities like relaxing in sun or else playing in the sea, book your Hawaii vacation homes now. Exclusive vacation packages make it not only a place to stay, but some behavior to contribute more than your views. Events, lessons & even Island trips are present all over the year around.

Invest in Concierge Travel Service Online

Did your boss just ask you to fly across the country for an important job or meeting in less than a week? There’s really only one good way to have the arrangements sorted for a trip that quickly, and it involves hiring a concierge travel service. The agent’s job in this situation isn’t restricted to their client’s flight arrangements or hotel room reservation alone – it also involves creating itineraries and planning out the trip with care to alleviate stress. Imagine making endless phone calls to have a room booked while you simultaneously prepare for the presentation. This would surely do you no good… so let the concierge service handle the arrangements instead!

Such a concierge travel service would work especially well for anyone with special requirements. For example, consider a traveler who suffers from asthma. The concierge would book a non-smoking room on behalf of the individual in this case. The agent would even request the hotel to have the room purified with an atomizer if possible before his or her arrival. As another example, if the traveler suffers from a particular allergy or sensitivity to a down pillow, the same would be communicated to the hotel representative. This way, all the traveler would have to worry about their presentation for the next day. Leave the rest to the care of these agents.

There is a reason many people consider concierge travel service companies, and that is the professionalism, convenience, and peace of mind they provide. The customer service is unmatched — one could call customer care at 2 a.m. with a problem and still have their issue solved quickly. Such a travel agency would be your best bet and would take you through the many available options. They would listen to all of your requirements and make sure to have an appropriate package ready for you. Even though a more convenient airfare may cost a little more, they would have it included for a little extra fee. This will grant the traveler a few additional benefits, such as free baggage check-in, excellent flight times, and other conveniences.

For those corporate entities that wish to have their employees flown over to another state or country for a conference or seminar, they might also consider a concierge travel service. Organizing and putting a trip together could quickly become inconvenient, especially when it comes to an international trip. A group travel agent would have everything prepped upfront, including the flight preference/schedule, booking of hotel and meeting rooms, vehicles to take the group around, and even organizing for their visas if needed. If this service is of interest to you, it’s a good idea to browse several site options before making a choice. Check their testimonials and reviews to be sure of their reliability. Make sure to ask about the service requirements before or during the consultation. This will help the agency work around the specifics and thereby quicken the process.

Travelling Overseas And Think You’re Already Covered For Medical Insurance

The medical insurance you take out when you travel overseas is a whole different ball game to the medical, hospital cover you have for everyday life.

Australian citizens are covered by medical insurance through the Australian Government”s Medicare program, but some first time travellers are at risk of leaving themselves wide open to financial hardship through not realising this cover doesn”t extend to overseas destinations.

Neither do the private funds normally cover their members for overseas travel and advise that international travel medical insurance needs to be taken out through a reputable international travel insurance company.

What Should Your Overseas Medical Insurance Dollar Cover

Industry veterans, 1Cover travel insurance, say, medical insurance is the “base line” component in all travel insurance. It covers the events that have the potential to leave you and your family anywhere from seriously out of pocket to being in desperate financial trouble.

Basically, all medical travel insurance should provide:

  • Unlimited cover for hospital expenses for accident and sickness and all medical expenses related to the accident or illness.
  • Unlimited cover for emergency evacuation. What this means is if you have an accident or fall ill either a considerable distance from a hospital or medical help or from a hospital or medical assistance of an acceptable standard, all the frame work is in place for you to call in specialised assistance. In some instances this also includes transportation back to the country of origin. In addition, all relevant expenses are covered. Given that costs can be in the hundreds of thousands, this is a vital component of the cover.
  • Health travel insurance should also cover a component of the costs of dental work resulting from an accident during the duration of your overseas travel.
  • Repatriation. This is a sombre word for a sombre eventuality. It would be nave of any traveller to totally dismiss the possibility of dying while overseas. Repatriation covers the costs of returning a deceased persons body to their country of origin. Not cheap!
  • Personal Liability. Once again, it would be nave to think you would always be on the receiving end in an accident. Personal Liability covers you in the event you”re the one who knocks over the statue of David or gives the Leaning Tower of Pizza its final shove. Don”t leave home with anything under a million. Most companies will provide you will a free quote on medical insurance, often online, and provide you with the full run down on their policy. So, don”t get the two confused and think you”re cover is winging overseas with you when it”s actually grounded back in Australia.

Precautions To Take When Traveling Solo

Traveling alone has its advantages and disadvantages, and can be dangerous if proper precaution is not taken. It can force the traveler to meet other people and to make friends, which can be good, depending on the person. You can go at your own pace and change your plans as and when you like. However, it can be lonely traveling alone and you often end up paying more in the form of single room supplements. And it can also be more challenging especially if you are a woman traveling solo.

There are some basic steps you can take to ensure your solo trip is safe and enjoyable. Do some general research on your destination you should have some idea of where your hotel is located; as well as the basic layout of the city or resort, and which areas of town that it might be best to avoid. Make a point not to look too much like a tourist. For instance, dont walk around with your camera, name tag or guidebook too visible; and try not to read your map in a public place.

ATMs can be found just about anywhere and offer a convenient way to access your cash. If you use an ATM while traveling alone, try to find one that is in a crowded or a public place; and if you are using one at night, try to choose one that is well lit. Take a few moments to check out your surroundings if you are using an ATM in an isolated spot; and once you have completed your transaction, dont linger in front of the ATM, leave the area as quickly as possible.

When you leave your hotel, carry just enough cash on you for that day that way if you are robbed, you wont be completely broke. Make copies of your passport, plane ticket and any other important documents and keep the copies separate from the originals. Use a money belt and wear it inside your clothing, if you have to carry your passport or other valuables with you. Keep a tight grip on your wallet or purse in crowded places, and watch for the distraction tactics that many thieves employ.

Write down the name and address of your hotel in English and the local language, if applicable and carry it with you at all times. Rather than mispronounce the name of your hotel to a cab driver and perhaps be taken to the wrong destination, simply hand over the card. Always use licensed taxis be particularly careful of unlicensed taxis at airports, train stations and major tourist attractions that will almost certainly overcharge you and are also illegal.

In many cities, public transportation is so good that you might not need to take a taxi. Be particularly careful with your purse, wallet or handbag when riding the bus, metro or subway. Try to wait in a well-lit area and board a car that is occupied by several people. Most city transit systems have easy to use route diagrams displayed; if you arent sure where you are going, you should be able to read the map without making it too obvious that you are a tourist and not a local.

If applicable, try to take a hotel room that is on the first floor; that way there is less chance of your room being broken into. Always use the deadbolt lock to secure your door; you can also put a rubber doorstop under the door to further deter any would-be intruder. Avoid using the doorknob hang tab to order room service it can leave the impression that you are alone in the room just pick up the phone instead. Use the Do not disturb sign to prevent the hotel cleaning staff from entering your room unless you actually want them to.

Unfortunately, women still face many more challenges and dangers than men do when traveling alone. Some countries and parts of the world are particularly challenging for a single woman traveler, such as the Middle East; and in many places, the normal rules of behavior that apply at home just wont work. Try to do some research before you leave home and if in doubt, observe how the local women behave and react in particular situations.

Women in particular should be aware of their surroundings at all times. If you just dont feel comfortable, or are being pestered by somebody, be prepared to take refuge in a public building, hotel or large store a tactic that almost always deters people. Be firm but polite if accosted on the street by homeless people, panhandlers, or people trying to sell something. Even if you arent married, a wedding ring can be an essential device for fending off unwanted attention.

Traveling solo can be a rewarding experience just take some basic precautions, avoid looking too much like a tourist, and your trip should be everything you hoped it would be!