Your Road Trip Checklist

When some people go travelling, they want to do it in style, and so a road trip is a pretty logical choice. So if you’re about to go on a road trip, or if you’re thinking about going on one, here are a few tips.

Going on a road trip around the world, or around a certain country is one of life’s great pleasures, as it allows you to explore parts of certain countries that you never thought possible, and could lead to all sorts of fun adventures. When many people think of going on a road trip, they think of the great American road trip along Route 66 with the sun in their face, and while many people may go on these journeys, road trips are becoming more popular in different parts of the world, including Africa and Pakistan. But wherever you’re going, the challenges that face road trippers remain the same.

One issue that many people encounter is the weather, and if you want to have decent weather, then it stands to reason that researching the weather condition of your chosen country is a good idea before you leave. Arriving during the wet season, or the hurricane season is neither a good idea or very safe, so make sure that you know what kind of conditions to pack for and prepare accordingly.

Another thing to take into account is your route, and while it may be tempting to just drive until there is no road left, this is just not the safest way to do it, as you may encounter poor road surfaces and end up damaging the hire car and this could not only leave you stranded but could also lead to higher costs when you finish your road trip. So get together with the people that you’re going travelling with before you leave and plot a number of routes that you want to take, they could all be different routes going to the same place, but make sure you have the route mapped out and that you’ve understood the terrain that you will be driving over. Give your families a copy of the route your taking and how long you think it will take you to get your destination, so that they know where you’ll be. Also arrange to call them once you’ve arrived at certain towns or destinations along the way so that they can keep track of your progress. It’s also a good idea to inform the car hire company you’re renting a car from where you intend to go and when you intend to arrive their, that way, if you are delayed the car rental company will be able to wait for you and find you if you get lost, or don’t arrive at all.

Remember to pack plenty of supplies for your journey, such as food, toiletries, games and essentials like a spare tyre and a petrol can, as these will come in very handy along the way. Also make a note of all the numbers you’ll need, such as the hotels you’ll be staying at, the police, a break down service (if possible) and any other phone numbers that seem important.

Road trips are great fun when they are done properly, so make sure that you are well-prepared for this journey and remember to stay in touch with the folks back home so that they don’t worry too much about you whilst you’re away. You could always have them call you once you’re settled at your destination, so see if they can find a company that provides cheap calls to the USA or wherever you are, and then you’ll be able to keep them informed every step of the way.

Pocket Internet for Travelling

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Seville Travel Guide For Travelling To Spain

Seville Travel Guide

About Seville Tourism
Is the capital of Andaluca. It is located at the riverbanks of the Guadalquivir. With its around 700.000 inhabitants it is the largest autonomous city of Andaluca.
The city has been dominated by many peoples, Romans, Carthaginians, Greek, Phoenician and Moorish. The influences in the architecture are still to be found.
After the discovery of the Americas it became a very important city for trading.
Like many Andalucan cities Seville is also a city of flamenco dancers, bullfighting, processions, fiestas and tapas.

History of Seville
The Romans built in the ancient (205 B.C.) the city Itlica, where the emperors Hadrian and Trajan were born. The ruins can be found at about 10 km North West of the city. It is a big archeological site with many mosaics, an amphitheatre and some houses. A lot has to be explored although. Hispalis the Roman settlement of Seville has remnants like the aqueduct; it can be seen at the Callejn Del Agua in Barrio de Santa Cruz. Columns and statues of Hercule and Julius Cesar at the Alameda.
The Moorish came in 711 A.C. under command of the Muslim general Musa Bin Nusayr. He crossed the Strait of Gibraltar with his 18.000 army men. They called this south part of Spain Al-Andalus.
Catholic king Fernando III of Castile conquered the city in 1248.
The height of the city came in the 15th century after the discovery of the Americas. The river Guadalquivir was very important for the ships of among Christoforo Coln (Christopher Columbus), Ferno de Magalhes and Juan Sebastin de Elcano. Many monuments in Seville are paid by the enormous wealth brought from the Americas.
The 20th century had two climaxes, the Ibero-American Exhibition in 1929 and in 1992 the world exhibition.
Culture of Seville
The influences of many different cultures have made this city worth to visit.
Also the food, architecture, shopping, and flamenco dancers you may not miss.
Things to do in Seville
The Cathedral and La Giralda
La Giralda is the highest tower and the symbol of Seville. At the highest point (94 m) you have a marvelous view over the city. The tower was built from 1184 1194 a.c. under Muslim rulers by architect Ali de Gomarra. It was the tower of the mosque, where now the cathedral stands. Later under the catholic rule of Hernn Ruiz the upper parts were built (7, 5 m) from 1558 till 1567 a.c.
You can visit the tower; it has no stairs nor elevator but ramps. In the old days when it was the minaret of the mosque the muezzin came by horse on top of the tower to call up the people for their prayer.
The Cathedral was built (1401 1506 a.c.) on the foundation of the old mosque Aljama. It is the third biggest cathedral, after Vatican City and St. Paul in London, in the world. You can enter the cathedral and tower when you walk through a courtyard with orange trees. Its built in Gothic and Renaissance style.
The cathedral has the largest altarpiece, with over 2500 kilo gold from Mexico and Peru. It took 35 years to make it. The architecture is of the Dutchman Pieter Dankert.
Alczar Real
This royal palace is a masterpiece of Mudejr architecture. Moorish professional work and Catholic symbols. Some things must see are:

  • Patio de las Doncellas is a beautiful courtyard with arches.
  • Saln de Carlos V with mahogany artesonade ceilings.
  • Patio de las Muecas with its perforated room screens where the harem women and maids of honor could look through.
  • Jardines del Alczar, next to the pond of Mercurius, beautiful aromatic plants and trees are found here.
    Plaza de Espaa with the buildings for the Ibero-American Exhibition in 1929.
    Torre de Oro (the golden tower)
    Isabel II bridge or Triana bridge
    Royal Tobacco Factory, now a days part of the University of Seville
    Casa de Pilatos courtyard with Mudjar architecture
    Museu de Bellas Artes with ceramics, costumes is beautiful located. Foods and Shopping guide of Seville
    Eating various tapas (small plate with some olives, garlic prawns, Iberian ham, meatballs, manchego cheese, anchovies or whatever you wish and many more to choose) in a bar at the old quartiers of the city La Macarena orTirana.
    Gazpacho, cold tomato soup, really refreshing in the hot summer months.
    Drinking sangria, red wine with orange, lemon, apple and lots of ice cubes, also very refreshing in the summer months.
    Desserts like; rice pudding (Arroz con leche), tiramisu, caramelised egg pudding (Flan de huevo)
    There are 3 main shopping areas in the city: Triana, Nervin and the old quarter.
    Calle Sierpes in the historic centre is the most famous. Jewellery, clothes, ceramics and more can be found here.
    Calle Tetun is famous for the Spanish top brands of clothes like Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, but also shoes, banks and offices.
    Triana especially Calle San Jacinto across the Trianabridge is famous for ceramics.
    Nervin is famous for its shopping centres and franchising.
    Thursday mornings in the Calle Feria with books, antiques, furniture, second-hand clothes, paintings and more.
    Sunday mornings in the Plaza del Cabildo coins and stamps.
    Also on Sunday mornings at the Plaza de la Alfalfa a pet market, especially birds. Opening times: especially the major franchises and the shopping centres are open from 10.00 till 21.00. Traditional shops open from 10.00 till 13.30 and from 17.00 till 20.30 approximately. How to reach Seville

By plane: Seville has its own airport, it is located 10 km north of the city.
A special bus connects the airport with the city and terminates from Prado de San Sebastin in the city centre.
Many Spanish cities as Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao and Barcelona are connected, but also European cities such as Paris, Milan, Rome, Amsterdam, London and more.
By car: The most import motorway (toll and free) is the A-4 which connect Madrid with Andaluca. The A-92 with the Costa del Sol, the A-66 to Mrida. Motorway A-49 is connected with Portugal, Cadiz with the A-4 and E-5.
By train: The high-speed train serves Seville since 1992 and is connected with Madrid, a journey of around 2 and a half hour. Inter-city trains serve many villages and towns.
By bus: Two bus stations are there, the main station is at the Plaza de Armas. It operates daily national and international.
Bus station Prado de San Sebastin operates regional.

Travelling in Seville

How to get around: The best way to explore the city is by foot. Strolling around the (narrow) streets gives you the best impression.
Other ways are: By bus, quick and efficient and run between approximately 06.00 and 23.30 and approximately 07.00 and 23.30 on public holidays.
By metro; operates from 06.30 am to 23.00, Monday to Thursday; 06.30 to 02.00 am Fridays and the eve of public holidays; 07.30 to 02.00 on Saturdays; and 07.30 to 23.00 on Sundays and public holidays.
By taxi: available 24 hours a day.

Travel Tips for Seville Trip

See a flamengo dance show in the old parts of the city.
Buy ceramic souvenirs.
Eating tapas in a bar.

Smoking on the Move Using the Electronic Cigarette Whilst Travelling

Travelling should be as easy as getting from A to B, but let’s face it, it’s rarely this straight-forward. More often than not to get from A to B you have to change at C, take a replacement bus service from D to E, before missing your connection at F and arriving at B, only to find your suitcase is actually in G. It is, it’s safe to say, a stressful time.

For smokers, handling the stress and disruption of modern travel is felt even more due to the blanket smoking bans in force on the UK transport network. In the past twenty-five years opportunities to smoke on the move have been steadily phased out, so from being able to smoke freely on buses, trains, and planes whilst we were all sporting mullets and listening to Wham, smokers now face a long trek to beyond the station or terminal doors if they are to take a relaxing draw.

City commuters have been unable to smoke since the late 1980s, with the Underground network banning smoking following the Kings Cross fire of 1987. Across mainline rail and UK bus services, smoking was phased out across the 1990s and early 2000s, and since the smoking ban came into effect in 2007, rail and bus stations, interchanges and airport terminals have also become smoke-free. It all means for stressful travelling for the smoker; that is unless they make the switch to an electronic cigarette.

While traditional smoking products may be banned on the move, the electronic cigarette is permitted on almost all forms of transport and travel. Because the electronic cigarette is free from tar and tobacco and emits only a nicotine vapour it is not covered by the current smoking ban regulations, and so can be enjoyed on trains, buses and planes across the UK.

However, users should still be careful, as the electronic cigarette can still cause problems of a different kind. Just last summer a significant terror alert was sparked on the M6 north of Birmingham after passengers on a Megabus coach saw what they thought was smoke coming from a man’s bag. The -smoke’ turned out to be the vapour from an electronic cigarette, but this was only discovered once the motorway had been shut down and four dozen police and armed response vehicles had been despatched to the scene.

The skies though do appear to be off limits for now though sadly. Some airlines are yet to have a firm stance on electronic cigarettes, but the majority of mainstream air carriers have bans in place on the use of electronic cigarettes whilst onboard. However, you do always have the benefit of being able to enjoy your electronic cigarette right up until departure, or on the moment of arrival in the terminal, rather than having to lurk outside amongst the taxi queue like traditional cigarette users.

And that’s not the only plus point of switching to an electronic cigarette either, because as well as being free from toxins, they are also much cheaper than traditional cigarettes. So with the money you save from ditching smoking old-school cigarettes outside in the rain, you could be sitting back in first class enjoying your electronic cigarette on the move instead.

Keep In Touch With Your Travelling Children

The thought of your precious child leaving home, spreading their wings and travelling round the world is enough to bring any parent out in a cold sweat. The fear of the unknown and the uncertainty of your child’s whereabouts can be a scary and intimidating experience for every parent. At this time of year lots of students and gap year students are beginning to plan backpacking world trips or organising working holidays abroad, so, whatever your child is planning it’s the perfect time to look into your options for staying in touch with your precious kids while they are away.

The thought of being out of contact with your children can send anxious parents into turmoil but there are a few easy ways to keep in contact with your loved ones as they head off on their great adventures. The easiest, and probably the most reliable, way to keep in touch is through e-mail and via the internet. This is a cost efficient, fast and reliable way to get messages to your child. Unfortunately this doesn’t guarantee you an immediate response but can be a nice way to share in your child’s experiences. If your loved one is travelling to an area with a bad connection don’t let this throw you into utter panic, arrange a time when you should expect to hear from them and ask for their hotel or youth hostel details in case of an emergency.

If you’re lucky your child may begin to write an online travel blog posting pictures, videos and information about their travels online for families and friends. This can be a positive and reassuring way to keep anxious parents sane and could stop your kids feeling obliged to call home each time their destination changes. Social networking sites are also a quick and easy way to stay in touch and parents can quickly check on Facebook and Bebo updates to make sure their child is still safe.

If you can’t stand the thought of not knowing where you child is you may consider using some of the latest technology to keep tabs on your offspring. GPS tracking devices are all the rage in the travelling world and are a great way to let others know your whereabouts. It’s especially useful if your child is planning a trek or excursion that means they will be out of contact for several days.

One of the most important things to remember when your child is travelling is to give them the freedom to grow and experience the world on their own. If you’re constantly ringing, emailing and writing your child could begin to resent you or may spend all their time reassuring you instead of enjoying themselves. Try to email or phone once a week or arrange a specific time to get in touch with them so you’re not smothering them.

Whether you’re looking for cheap calls to Australia, a sturdy internet connection in Asia or a state of the art global tracking system staying in touch with your child can help to put your mind at ease so you can rejoice in your child’s new found freedom as they experience the world.

Taking Care Of Your Health While Travelling In India

India’s vibrant culture, tradition and heritage often attracts people from all over the world. Cities in India like Agra, Jaipur, Goa, Kashmir, Kerala, Delhi, Hyderabad, Mysore, Darjeeling, etc., are some of the popular tourist destinations in India.

India is a tropical country with diverse climate features and there are chances of foreign tourists being exposed to a variety of germs, bacteria and viruses. If you are planning to visit India, you need to take certain precautions, especially in terms of food, to stay healthy and safe.

Following are some tips that help you stay healthy and avoid falling sick while travelling in India.

Food – What to eat and what to avoid

Avoid eating street food: Many cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad are famous for street food. The Chandni Chowk area in Delhi is popularly called as ‘Street Food Capital of Delhi’. You will find a variety of snack items like Pani Puri, Pav Bhaji, Bhel Puri, Samosa, etc., in these areas. They look colourful and are tempting. Try them if the premises are clean and hygienic. But in most cases it’s better to avoid because we can’t guarantee the quality and hygiene. There are chances of the food being contaminated.

Avoid eating spicy food: India is the country of spices and the people here like to add spices in many of their dishes that make them hot and spicy. Especially some Indian cuisines like Hyderabadi cuisine that includes Biryani, Tandoori Chicken, Keema, Masala Tea, etc., Goan cuisine from Goa includes Murgh Malvani, Phanasachi Bhaji; Gujarati cuisine, Kerala cuisine are popular for their spicy dishes. People who are not used to them cannot handle them.

So, whenever you are ordering food at a restaurant or at a food stall ask the server to make the dish less spicy or else go for less spicy food like Fried rice, Idli, sweet dishes, Dokla, Daal Bhati, etc.

Avoid eating raw vegetables and fruits: Some restaurants and food stalls in India use tap water (supplied by local government) to wash vegetables and fruits (sometimes they may not wash). This water is more likely to get contaminated during its transit through various pipelines. Moreover, we are not sure whether the knives they use are sterile or not. So, it’s better to avoid raw fruits or vegetables that will be served as salads with most Indian dishes.

Eat freshly cooked food served steaming hot: In many countries, people are used to cold meals, but it is better to prefer steaming hot food in India, especially when you are having dishes that are boiled in water or steamed like Rice, Idli, Upma, etc. Make sure you ask the server to serve it fresh and hot. When the food is fresh and hot, it is less likely to carry food borne pathogens.

Avoid buffets: In many restaurants in India, morning’s unsold food will be served in the dinner buffets. Unless you have a good review for hygiene of a restaurant from travel guide like ‘Lonely Planet’, don’t take the risk. Stick to what is recommended because you will be sure on the hygienic conditions of the restaurants.

Avoid cold dairy products: In India, many restaurants prepare dishes with dairy products like yogurt, paneer, cheese, milk, etc. Yogurt is served as a side dish for many of the dishes like Indian Thali, Biryani, etc. As cold dairy products are prone to contamination, better to avoid them.

Eat at international food chains: The best thing to avoid all this is to eat at international food chains like KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Domino’s Pizza, etc., that are available across India. Make sure you buy dishes that are customized to India like Rice Bowlz, Aloo Tikki Burger – after all, you are in India you need to try Indian dishes.

Beverages – What to drink and what to avoid

When travelling in India, you need to be very careful while choosing unpacked beverages, as they may be contaminated. Take a look at some of the beverages to avoid.

Avoid drinking tap water: As discussed earlier, water is supplied by local government and it may not be safe to consume.

Drink only bottled water: Go for reputed brands like Bisleri, Kinley, Aquafina, Himalayan or Bailey’s, and check if the cap is sealed.

Avoid ice cubes: While ordering cold beverages like cool drinks, fruit juices, sugarcane juice, etc., ask them to serve without adding ice cubes. Many restaurants use tap water to prepare ice cubes.

Avoid drinking at road-side juice stalls: Avoid drinking lassi (spiced and sweetened butter milk), fruit juices, sugarcane juice, cold yogurt, etc., on the street. Don’t get tempted by seeing the crowd at the stall. Better to go for branded and packaged juices or to the stalls that are hygienic.

Coconut water: India is a land of coconuts. In cities like Kerala, Cochin, Goa, Hyderabad, etc., coconuts are available throughout the year. Though the coconut water is good for rehydrating the body, the sickle may not be sterile. So, better to avoid the water unless you see the sickle is clean.

Hope, this information helps you while travelling in India. Have a wonderful vacation!

Tips For Travelling In Bus For Long Journey

Bus journey is usually considered for short distance having the duration of 10-12 hours. People love travelling in bus because of the routes taken and also easy availability of tickets. In addition to this, bus operators are now offering luxury looking bus including Volvo, Mercedes, Sleeper etc. each of these bus types offer comfortable journey for passengers under affordable fare rates.
However, there are certain tips that a traveler need to consider while travelling to long journey by bus. These tips can be considered while you are travelling individually or with your partner.

Choosing Seat Wisely: Of course, you will love to travel in a seat that has comfort and soft cover, keeping your body in a comfort zone. Usually, front seat is always considered because of spacious leg space and comfort sitting level.

Travel During Day Time: People usually opt for travelling in day time because of secured travel and also better view. If your journey is through hill or ghats, then it can be dangerous to travel in night. Considering scenic view, you can have great view of ghats during the day time.

Choosing Genuine Bus Service: Long journey can be hectic if you are travelling by poor bus service. You would perhaps stop travelling by bus next time. So it is better to travel in a well know bus service offering you with good amenities with all the safety things considered.

Carry all Medical Belongings: Long journey by bus for few can be a hectic, and also few may go through health problem. So it is wise to carry the medical kit while travelling by bus for long journey.

Carry Extra Snacks: Long journey can be very long if any unseen thing happens, especially to your bus. So it is better to carry some extra snacks along with you while you travel. However, the bus do stops at certain points for refreshment, but carrying extra snack is a wise decision.

Carry Entertainment Material: If you want to pass your time apart from having a nap, then you can carry some entertainment material like iPod or also you can carry a book to read, if you love reading.

Long journey travelling by bus can be fun if you consider above mentioned tips and follow it wisely for your joy. Hence, book your bus seat and go for a long travelling journey.

Travel Photography One of the Creative Means to Earn

Travel Photography One of the Creative Means to Earn

Every year lot of people goes on holiday and clicks hundreds of pictures. Most of the photos people click, lost in their computer hard drives only. Taking pictures is very creative work, individuals who have this hobby, love to roam here and there in search of their subject. Moving here and there in search of different subjects is called travel photography. Every photo speaks a very different story. So when you are going on travel shoot, think about the picture first. What is this photo is going to tell to the viewer. A perfectly clicked picture and object tell the whole story without word.

These days travel shooting is a very demanding work and considered as a quite distinctive hobby. It includes every style of location shooting that you could think or imagine. Travel shooting requires excellent cinematography skills. Professional travel cinematographers love to wander around the corners of world, in search of many exotic locations. However it is an expensive hobby, many traveling agencies offer photography holiday packages on reasonable rates. Travel shooting includes a wide range of classic photographic themes like travelling, landscapes, architectural pictures, portraits, still life etc. Before, you are going out for a travel shoot keep these valuable points in mind.

Research: Before you book your package for the tour, it recommended making good research about the different packages offered by the travel agencies.

Prepare Agenda: Many travel guides are available almost everywhere. Look into those and then plan your tour you can also make a list of different criteria.

Camera: Never forget to carry your camera. It is also recommended not to carry new camera on the trip without clicking at least couple of days as a test. Even with old camera, ensure first, it is in proper condition.

Money: When going out of country for trip, ensure you have small bills of the currency of that particular country, you are travelling. It will be helpful in paying tip to the taxi drivers and service staff.

Travel photography is one of the hobbies that can yield you good earning. Here are few ways how you can earn good from your hobby.

You can write hotel reviews for the travel agents. There are lot of travel websites that offers photography holiday packages pay good amount for the reviews and the hotel pictures.

You can also earn good by putting ads on your photography blog.

Many websites always look for amazing pictures of tour and travel. By selling your pictures to them, you can earn good. If they like your pictures, you would surely be awarded.

You can also earn good by participating in photographic competitions. If you are skilled and competent, you can win many exciting monetary rewards.

What’s So Great About Travelling Alone

The hardest decision that faces most gap year and career break travellers is not choosing between Africa, Asia, Europe or South America. Nor is it, packing the complete world travel guide (just in case) or a lifetime supply of insect repellent. Choosing whether to travel with friends or to go it alone is actually the most important decision youll ever make, and its one that will affect every aspect of your trip.

Whether youre 17 or going on 70, if you havent ever been away by yourself before, it can seem like the most terrifying thing in the world. Though it seems incredibly daunting, boldly going where youve never gone before can be a fantastically liberating experience. Travelling alone gives you the freedom to go wherever you want and do whatever you want; all you need to do is make sure that you make the most of every opportunity and experience along the way!

A little soul searching

Spending time away from everything and everyone youre used to will give you the perfect opportunity to not only do new and exciting things, but to learn a lot of things you never knew about yourself. Relying on your own abilities may seem a little too Bear Grylls but youll be surprised by your newfound sense of capability and independence.

Travelling is a great way to learn about new cultures and challenge yourself, and that doesnt necessarily mean eating unidentified bugs. From climbing Everest to teaching a class of 200 in northern Africa, going it alone will open up a whole world of new experiences that you never thought you could cope with, and give you a whole new set of skills to bring home with you.

A social extravaganza

Travelling with friends can be an amazing experience, but it can also be a limiting one. Setting off with your buddies or your partner might feel comforting, but its all too easy to end up relying on each other so much that you miss out on opportunities to meet new people. Without your trusty friends at your side, youll be far more likely to make an effort to seize each chance to make new friends and youll get to know a lot more people.

Whether youre travelling independently or with a company you will come across people from all walks of life; staying in hostels, interacting with the locals and even as you travel from place to place, its guaranteed that youll meet some like minded people along the way, and almost certain that youll find a few lifelong friends. Dont forget that there are hundreds of travellers out there who have decided to go it alone and they will be just as keen as you are to make new friends.

If you want, a cast-iron guarantee that youll see a few friendly faces when you get out there, the best solution is to go through a company. Travelling as part of a group or volunteer project, you can be certain that there will be other people there and quite a few of them will be solo travellers too. Companies like Real Gap send out a buddy list a few weeks before you go, which gives contact details of all of the travellers going on the same trip as you so you can get in touch before you leave, swap packing tips and maybe even arrange a group flight.

A chance to be selfish

Travelling on your own gives you the chance to be utterly and completely selfish. You can plan to do exactly what you want, where you want, and for however, long you feel like doing it. There will be no need to compromise on which famous sites you want to see and how long or how short your trip up the mountain is; your itinerary will be completely up to you. You might miss your friends for a little while but youll soon appreciate the freedom of choice you have without them.

Youll also be able to make the most of any opportunities that come your way; if you make some new friends and decide that you want to tag along with them for a few weeks or fall in love with a place and want to stay there a little longer, you can. If youre travelling with a company and decide that you want to change your trip or project, there will be no other feelings to consider than your own, so you can always do whats right for you. After all, if you cant make your trip of a lifetime all about you, when can you?

Top solo travel tips

If youre travelling alone, there are a few essential things you need to do to get the most you possibly can out of your gap year or career break trip, here are the top 3.

Be outgoing

Life as a traveller is nothing like life at home, while you wouldnt strike up a conversation with the person next to you in Tesco, thats exactly the kind of thing that will win you friends overseas. Now is the time to get yourself down to the hostel bar, take part in the optional activities and try out your phrase book on the locals! Travelling alone is the best possible cure for shyness, and you will definitely get back what you put in!

Be aware of your personal safety

Through travelling is probably the only situation where its good to talk to strangers, you still need to be aware of where you are and what youre doing. Personal safety may not be the most exciting of things but it is important when youre in an unfamiliar country with not altogether familiar people. Making new friends is great but make sure you dont get too intoxicated, and keep any eye on your valuables when youre out and about. Its a good idea to keep your loved ones updated on how youre doing by sending emails or writing an online blog, that way theyll be able to track of where you are and whats going on.

If youre keen on safety issues, companies like Real Gap offer specialised safety courses that will help you to prepare for any eventuality and give you a lot more confidence about setting off on your own.

Manage your expectations

When youre travelling to a new country youre likely to experience a little of whats known as culture shock. The best way to make sure you get the most out of your trip is to be prepared; do some research into your destinations cultures, traditions and history. Its important to respect the culture of the country youre visiting; different countries have different social rules and different standards of life, its your job to fit in and knowing what to expect will make it a lot easier.

If youre travelling with a company youll get a pre-departure pack full of country and trip information, it might seem tedious but its a good idea to read every single page. Youll definitely be wishing youd read up a bit more if youre the only one who turns up in shorts and a t-shirt in monsoon season!

Benefits of Traveling

Today, in this world of stress and anxiety it is extremely important to travel. Traveling is considered the best way of shedding all your accumulated stress and tiredness. The work centric life style has made our life stagnated and monotonous. You should plan a vacation at least twice a year. Traveling has an endless list of benefits. There are limitless hidden surprises and mysteries confined in our mother Earth. Long vacations can actually help you to tame your whimsical mind and bless you with energized mind and body. Traveling is all about fun, excitement and exploring several different kinds of places around the world.

It is important to maintain a balance between the work and the personal life. If you have the hobby of traveling, in that case consider yourself blessed. Nowadays, the young generation is more inclined towards adventure, therefore they like to travel to places where they can get the rush of adrenaline. The elder generation would love to spend some time of solitary on a serene beach or mist kissed flora and fauna. There are numerous hidden surprises waiting for you. Our mother Earth has actually preserved so many wonders so that we can find, explore and appreciate them.

Health care practitioner recommends people to go for tours so that one can stay healthy and fit. Have you ever thought why this is recommended? Well, living in this concrete jungle and dealing with excessive stress leads to both physical and emotional disorder. More importantly, our emotional health gets affected to a great extent. Always remember that the central nervous system of a human body controls everything. According to the medical records, excessive stress and anxieties create all kinds of emotional disorders and the leads to several physical disorders. Travel helps your mind to rejuvenate and revitalize. You may travel alone if you prefer to be in solitary or you may travel with your loved ones. Traveling with family and friends can make the entire trip complete.

Traveling has some magical properties. Therefore, it can efficiently improve one relationship. Traveling together can certainly be beneficial for the married couples. Tour locations can be selected according to personal choice and season. Our planet has numerous things that are yet to be discovered. Traveling means enormous and limitless enjoyment. You can explore and discover the hidden beauty of our mother Earth. You can play with the wild sea and wind. You can hug the mist kissed green valley. How can you forget about the cultures and cuisines? Well, each region of this planet possesses certain and interesting cultural life. Experience different types of cultures and merge with the new flavor of cultures. Save the taste of different types of delicacies. An impeccable vacation can enrich you with intricate knowledge. Strengthen your bond with the nature and bless yourself with breathtaking sights and unforgettable moments that you will cherish until your last breath.

With all those tips in place, you should only find the right travel agency (interesting, but little known fact is that the Danish term is Find rejsebureauer) for you and choose your destination.