What To Know Before You Go Travelling To Bali

Traveling to Bali offers you with so much fun and great experiences. For you who never have a holiday in this Island of Gods, you had better get some information about Bali travel guide. Therefore, you can prepare for the maximum enjoyment. Here are some things that you should know about Bali.


The weather in Bali is very pleasant. It is warm and sunny. If you visit this island in December until March, you will find high humidity and rains. However, the rains usually fall in the late afternoon or evening. Therefore, you can still enjoy the sun while you are exploring the island in the daylight. If you want to visit it between June to September, you will find no rain in the island. The weather is a bit dry and cool in the evening. Some parts area in Bali receive rains any time of the year. Some other areas are drier and almost always sunny. There are also areas that are colder than any other areas so that you will need to wear sweater in the evening.

Tourist destination

While you are having a vacation in Bali, you can visit various tourist destinations. Some of the famous tourist destinations are:

This beach is perfect for surfing. There are many shopping centers in this area. If you love a great night life, you can have it here. This is the center for lower-end parties.

If you want some place quieter and more upscale, Seminyak beach is the place. There are luxurious resorts, fashionable restaurants, bars, and dance clubs.

This is located in the foothills. You can shop and enjoy arts and dance because it is the art center. There are several museums, craft shops, art shops, and the monkey forest.

Bukit Peninsula
You can visit Uluwatu Temple in this area. It is a cliff-hanging temple that you cannot miss. This is also a center for world class surfing.

There are still so many tourist destinations in this beautiful island. You can also do many entertaining activities such as diving, snorkeling, bird watching, trekking, and many others.

Other things you should know about Bali

The choices of hotels and villas in Bali are abundant. There are small hotels up to five-star hotels and exclusive villas. Some people love to stay in hotels near Nusa Dua. But some other people prefer to stay in great villas in Seminyak. Staying in hotels and villas has its own advantages. Whichever you prefer will surely make your vacation memorable.

The food in Bali is cheap compared to eating in Australian standard. Some menus that you can enjoy in Bali restaurants are Indonesian menus, Asian menus, Mexican menus, and Western menus. Because this is an Island with many fishing villages, you will be able to enjoy delicious seafood menus in this island.

When you visit this island, dont forget to bring insect repellant and bottles of sunscreen cream. You will prone to get mosquito bites in the evening so that you need to apply the repellant. To protect your skin from sun burnt, you must apply the spf 30+ or spf 50+ sunscreen.